Summit Youth

We feel it is important to provide youth with a safe place to learn about God, grow in their gifts, and explore their relationship with God as individuals and as a group. Summit youth is also a great place to make friends, belong, play games, and eat food! Everyone is welcome!!

We currently meet weekly on Sunday mornings at 10am and have social events throughout the year. Each week, in bible based teachings, we gain a deeper understanding how God loves us and how we can love God and love others.

24-7 YouthWork

24-7 YouthWork is a trust relationship between a local school and a local church in the context of the local community working together. We believe in young people. We want to see young people enjoy their high school years and build a great foundation to launch themselves into adult life. We want to see a good, strong, healthy next generation of New Zealanders coming through.

Young New Zealanders need more time spent with them. They need more listening, more encouraging and more “hanging in there”. More people who can be there for them. It requires an approach based on relationships not programmes. It encompasses role modelling, being accessible to young people and being around to help young people make good choices.

This approach benefits not only individual young people but the communities they are a part of. As we know, great youth work (and education) should fit within and contribute to vibrant, diverse and connected communities.

For more information, contact:

Ana Snodgrass