There is no serious agreement among scientists that human beings are playing a major role in not only global warming but also other major forms of environmental degradation, and that these are having a serious impact on our planet.

An air of desperation is starting to define climate politics. At last month’s student strikes – the largest day of global action on climate change in history – 1.6 million people turned out to demand progress. Growing numbers of people are becoming concerned about ecological problems and are beginning to realise that radical change is needed. “More of the same” will not yield the future we desire. Lives and well-being are under threat.

Is this situation retrievable? If so, should we just leave it to God or does God want to address it through us? What considerations should inform and motivate our response? Where does the Church fit in?

Phillip Donnell believes that we can make a difference. For 10 years, he has sought to inspire and equip people to engage in creation care, initially through A Rocha and now leading New Creation New Zealand. He is a life member of the Auckland Baptist Tramping Club and the Royal Forest and Bird Society. For 5 years he has written a column on environmental issues for the Anglican national magazine Taonga.

We look forward to your presence to be informed and challenged.  All welcome!



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