Solid Foundations is a pathway for adult believers in Jesus (both new and old) to learn how to know and follow Jesus as one of his disciples today.  In small groups with other motivated believers we study and discuss different aspects of the journey with Jesus from becoming a brand new believer to becoming an effective disciple.

When I found the reality of Jesus and his amazing love at the age of 21, I had other keen followers mentor me for about 2 years in how to grow my relationship with the Lord and understand his word, the bible.  We also learned how to share Jesus with others.  It was a wonderful time of spiritual growth in my early years.

Sadly, most churches in New Zealand do not have an intentional discipleship programme designed for adults.  With years of biblical and theological training now behind me, I have designed Solid Foundations to fill that gap.  If you are a new Christian, or an older one who has missed out on discipleship training, this programme is for you.

Being a disciple of Jesus is an amazing and challenging adventure for life where you are –
– linked forever with the creator and CEO of the universe;
– loved profoundly beyond your wildest imagination;
– invited to be part of God’s programme of transforming the world.
Don’t you want to be part of that?


There are 6 modules you can opt into, each is biblically based and takes God’s word seriously.

Module 1: Starting the Journey with Jesus (10 weeks)
Aim: To help you begin to love and follow Jesus in a practical way.


  • A call to follow Jesus
  • Returning to the Heavenly Father
  • Believing the Good News
  • God’s Promises are for you
  • Being baptised
  • Accepted and loved
  • Prayer – talking with God
  • The Bible – your lifeline
  • The Holy Spirit – your
  • Helper Healing is available
Module 2: Growing your life with Jesus (10 weeks)
Aim: To give you tools for developing your relationship with Jesus.


  • Accepting Jesus as Lord
  • Being ready for opposition
  • Spending time with God
  • Clearing your conscience
  • Being part of the church
  • Loving God through worship
  • Loving and forgiving others
  • Trusting God to guide and provide
  • Telling others about Jesus
  • Praying for others for healing
Module 3: Knowing and Loving Your Bible (12 weeks)
Aim: To give you tools for developing your relationship with Jesus.


  • The Bible timeline and story
  • Main characters and events
  • Understanding the Old Testament
  • Understanding the New Testament
  • Background history
  • Archaeological discoveries
  • Well-loved parts – where to find them
  • How to study the Bible
  • Applications to our lives today
Module 4: Walking in the Spirit (10 weeks)
Aim: To help you become confident in the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.


  • God’s agent for change
  • Flesh versus Spirit
  • Being filled with the Spirit
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer and the Spirit
  • The Bible and the Spirit
  • Seeking God’s anointing
  • Listening to the Spirit
  • Walking in healing
  • Walking in faith
Module 5: Called to Follow (10 weeks)
Aim: To work through practical aspects of following Jesus in today’s world.


  • Hearing the call
  • Kingdom attitudes
  • The discipline of scripture
  • Taking the narrow road
  • Responding to trials (part 1)
  • Responding to trials (part 2)
  • The way of forgiveness
  • Walking together in love
  • Healing the sick
  • Proclaiming the Gospel
Module 6: Sharing your faith (10 weeks)
Aim: To help you confidently talk about Jesus with not-yet Christians.


  • Talking about Jesus without fear
  • Developing friendships and a plan
  • Turning conversations to Christ
  • Telling your story
  • Telling the gospel story
  • Asking good questions
  • Praying with people
  • Bible studies for seekers
  • Leading someone to Christ
  • Having a go!

Contact Jenny at for which modules are being offered and when.

Rev. Jenny Fulljames