Church Services

Relate Deeply, Worship Creatively, Teach Effectively

When we are together we seek to “Relate Deeply, Worship Creatively, Teach Effectively”.

“Relating Deeply” can’t really happen at a church service, so we encourage everyone to be a part of a small groups or build close friendships. Without deep relating, our worship is shallow.

“Worshiping Together” needs to be a creative and vibrant event.   We do use a Liturgy as a guide but seek to interpret it creatively as people inspired by the Spirit of God. We draw the best from our past and welcome our future as a challenging adventure.

When we “Teach Effectively”, people hear God speak together and are inspired and encouraged by what is shared.  We believe God breathed preaching and teaching is effective under the Spirit of God will shape and direct a community of faith.

Church Service Times
STOP PRESS: Sunday 22nd March will be the last public worship services until advised otherwise.

Services will we at 8am, 9am and 10am and be limited to 100 people at each.

You may attend if you are no unwell and have not travelled overseas in the past 14 days, and you will be required to use sanitiser, enter and exit sit 2 metres apart.

8.00am (Traditional Service)
10.00am (Contemporary Service)
10.00am Holy Trinity – Foyer