With the onset of stage 4 of the government strategy to deal with the COVID19 pandemic our physical facilities are closed at 215 Devonport Road, and staff are working from home where we can… and God is at work!  In Genesis 1:1-2 is says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”  In Hebrew, ‘formless’ and ‘void’ are rhyming words meaning emptiness and confusion… The people of our earth, if you listen to the media, are in a state of confusion and empty of hope… BUT the Spirit of God was/is hovering!!  We are a people of hope and we WILL see the glory of God though this.

Keep checking in to this site and we will put information up as it comes to hand, including communications, messages and things to encourage and strengthen you.

Bless you all

COVID19… Christ Overcoming, Victorious despite Infectious Diseases from 1(Alpha) to 9 (Omega)… forever!

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