Conversation Class – English as a Second Language – Beginners to Advanced

Learning English using the Bible

We seek to:

  •  Teach basic English including grammar and vocabulary.
  •  Teach English for basic Christian concepts.
  •  Enable the students to express their beliefs in English.
  •  Introduce the person of Jesus Christ.
  • Give opportunities to develop a relationship with Jesus.

Christian Conversation Class has been running for 6 years with many people being successful in improving their speaking skills.

This day course is suitable for people who are working. Classes are available at all levels with classes particularly for men being taught by men People have come from Russia,

China, Iran, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Japan, Bangladesh, Korea, Turkey, Chile and Vanuatu, Iraq, Brazil, Argentine, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic.

Contact Heather Waldergrave for further information ph 578 8486.