Holy Trinity Tauranga has been in the heart of Tauranga for over 140 years. We are an Anglican church, part of the Christian Community of Anglican Churches, who seek to obey Jesus, and loves to share about Him with everyone who will listen.

We seek to transform lives and communities through being Jesus centred, Biblical and Spirit Led.

We are committed to worshipping God, telling the good news about Him, discipleship and small groups, every member ministry, loving one another and loving the wider community

At the heart of our DNA is a passion to see God heal people; body, soul and spirit.  We see this happen when we pray for and with people, as well as just loving all those who we meet.  We have heard many stories of how Christ has met people in wonderful ways when we have prayed.

One of our key events each year is the Alpha programme which is a great way to find out about God.  People who meet Jesus through this programme often go on to learn about him in Solid Foundations classes and then in small groups.

The Bible is at the heart of everything we do.  We look to find in it what God thinks and feels about life and how we live it and accept it as the final authority in our lives.

Our building is used for local community events as well as our own Church based ministries and here we meet to worship and enjoy God.

All those who give leadership within the church are required to accept and agree to the following guidelines:

A leader will:

  • Be a believer who is committed to following & serving Jesus Christ in humility and truth.
  • Believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and the final source of authority for determining what is & isn’t acceptable behaviour for a Christian.
  • Live life according to Scriptural principles for Christian Leaders. i.e. be of good standing in terms of finance, relationships, conduct, etc. (1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9).
  • Live a life of sexual & moral purity with the understanding that sexual activity is only permitted within boundaries of a traditional heterosexual marriage relationship. (Gen 2:24).
  • Be a member of Holy Trinity for a minimum of 6 months (unless waived by the clergy).
  • Be committed to the vision of the parish.
  • Have recognised leadership skills such as communication; administration; teaching; etc.
  • Accept the authority of the parish leaders, which may include accepting a regular review of their leadership position.