Learning to Follow Jesus  – 2017

Term 1:  14th March – 23rd May    7.00pm – 9.30pm       

Module 2

Module 6

Term 2: 13th June – 15th August     7.00pm – 9.30pm

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3 – ends Aug 29th August

Term 3:  12th September – 14th November    7.00pm – 9.30pm       

Module 1

Module 2

Module 4

To register contact Jenny Fulljames ph 578 5937, or email fulljames@kinect.co.nz or HTT Reception on email: reception@holytrinitytauranga.com or ph 07 578 7718

Read more below about the topics in each module….

Starting the Journey with Jesus

Module 1

(10 weeks)


A heart after God

Who does God accept?

Can all my sins be forgiven?

Being lost – and found!

Loving invitation for eternity

Changing sides

Hitting opposition

Through death to resurrection

Healing is available!

Being sure of your salvation

Aim:  To help you begin to love and follow Jesus in a practical way.


Growing Your Life with Jesus

Module 2

(10 weeks)


 Life Under New Management

 Dealing with the Past

 Be Ready For Opposition

 Prayer – Your Spiritual Breath

 The Bible – Your Spiritual Food

 Time Alone with God

 Being Part of the Body

 Through the Waters of Baptism

 The 3 sides of Conversion

 Go and Tell

Aim:  To give you tools for developing your relationship with Jesus.


Knowing & Loving the Bible

Module 3

(12 weeks)


The Bible Timeline and Story

Main Characters and Events

Understanding the Old Testament

Understanding the New Testament

Applications to our lives today

How to Study the Bible

Background history

Archaeological Discoveries & the Bible

Well loved parts – Where to Find Them


Aim:  To give an overview of the bible story, how it all fits together, and help you love it!


Walking in the Spirit

Module 4

(10 weeks)


God’s agent for change

Flesh vs Being filled with the Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Prayer and the Spirit

The bible and the Spirit

Seeking God’s anointing

Listening to the Spirit

Walking in Healing

Walking in Faith



Called to Follow

Module 5

(10 weeks)            


Hearing the Call

Kingdom Attitudes  

The Discipline of Scripture

Taking the Narrow Road

Responding to Trials (part 1)

Responding to Trials (part 2)

The Way of Forgiveness

Walking Together in Love

Healing the Sick

Proclaiming the Gospel


Sharing your Faith

Module 6

(10 weeks)


Talking about Jesus without fear

Developing friendships and a plan

Turning conversations to Christ

Telling your story

Telling the gospel story

Asking the right questions

Praying with people

Leading someone to Christ

Discipling a new Believer

Bible Studies for seekers

Having a go!

Aim:  To help you to confidently talk about Jesus with not-yet Christians